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Not for socialising,
not for gaming.

As a parent you decide how the device should be used.
As a school, we will support you and your child.

Reclaiming Conversation

In her 2015 book Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle indentifies that due to an over-saturation with digital devices, young people have trouble displaying genuine empathy when relating to each other. As they move into the workforce or form adult relationships, this lack of social skill can have a negative effect, with the individual showing an inability to identify emotions and interact naturally with colleagues and friends.

Opportunity for self-reflection should be provided, and plenty of opportunity for ad-hoc conversation must be encouraged. Indentifying boundries at home early on is important. In response to feedback from our parent community, we have provided information below to assist you.

The final steps in configuring the iPad.

It's not that we're anti-technology, we're pro-conversation, and we believe that the iPad should be used primarily to enhance the learning outcomes of all students. Let us help you to get the iPad setup so that it can be used simply... as a learning tool.

Enable Speak Selection

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to General/Accessibility/Speech and turn on Speak Selection. Turn on Highlight Content in the same page.

Restrict the iPad so no more apps can be added or deleted, and limit adult content within Safari.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions.

3. Enter a "Parent Code", you may be contacted by a Kolbe staff member to share this code at a later date.

4. Turn off Installing Apps, Deleting Apps and In-App Purchases.

5. In the Allowed Content section tap Websites, tick Limit Adult Content.

6. Go back to the main Restrictions page. In the Allow Changes section tap accounts, now tick Don't Allow Changes. (This will restrict the addition of any more email accounts being added to the iPad).

The final steps in configuring the iPad.

A video guide showing you how to enable Restrictions (also known as parental controls). Remember to instal the Apps shown on this website first, before you complete this tutorial.

Maintain a healthy balance at home.

Steps for Yourself

  • Be aware of how you use your time and how long you are using technology.
  • Reflect on your own behavior and consider your goals and priorities. Let your children see you working on balance in your own life.
  • Devise a personal device plan that focuses your time and energy on your priority tasks and goals. Consider setting an example for having a no-screen zone in your own bedroom.

Steps for Your Child

  • Overcome hesitation or uncertainty and engage in digital parenting.
  • Monitor and be aware of the amount of time spent with digital devices.
  • Turn off screens at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Charge mobile devices away from the bedroom to prevent interruptions in sleep.
  • Enjoy media-free meals where the emphasis is focused on building strong family relationships.
  • Encourage your child to develop the habit of completing important tasks like homework or exercise, before engaging in social media, mobile device conversations, or games.
  • Address obsessive and addictive behaviors, for example, checking your phone without knowing why or having an express purpose.
  • Identify a list of device-free activities your child enjoys. Brainstorm with them new activities or interests they might pursue.
  • Foster healthy face-to-face relationships, and help them learn how to manage strong emotions when using devices.
  • Provide a varied diet of experiences in order to support overall social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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Stick this agreement to the fridge.

Please download the Kolbe iPad Home Agreement form below, and try to model and enforce the rules about the house. Consequences of not adhering to the rules could include unplugging your wireless router from the wall (therefore no internet) or temporary confiscation of the iPad.

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