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Sign in to your iPad

Make sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID
and your school provided Gmail address.

Setup your son or daughter's apple ID and enable Family Sharing:

With Family sharing enabled you can manage the apps that are downloaded, share purchases between family members, and easily locate your son or daughter. We highly recommend taking advantage of Family Sharing and we have provided instructions below. Alternatively you are welcome to visit the Kolbe Catholic College's, Walsh Learning Centre for assistance.

optional, but necessary for Family Sharing

To be actively involved in the management of the iPad, you will need to have your own Apple ID setup. This is easy to do, but you will need to apply a credit card details to the account.


We prefer you to use the school email address that has been provided to your son/daughter.  We have also provided instructions on how to setup an Apple ID for students under 13.


With Family Sharing setup you can approve all app requests before they are installed into the iPad. You can also share purchases across all members of the family.

Create your Apple ID

Follow this video to create an Apple ID for you (the parent ID) and your son/daughter. Click the "Learn More" button for more information from Apple's own website.

Setup Family Sharing

Setup Family Sharing so that you can approve/disapprove purchases from your son or daughter. You can also share calendars, photographs and most importantly, location of the iPad.

Apple ID for under 13's

It is easy to create an Apple ID for a minor under 13. You can benefit from all of the features that a full Apple ID provides, and you can change or add the school email address when the student is old enough.

Google Apps for Education

Kolbe Catholic College use Google Apps for Education, a suite of learning tools including email. Every student has access to their account by using the sign in credentials as provided by the College. You can access your account from any web browser on any computer, or just download the Gmail and Drive apps to your iPad and sign in. If you are using a MacBook we recommend that you use the Chrome browser.

Gmail for email, Google Drive for storage and collaboration.

This video will show you how to download Gmail and Drive from the App Store and sign in with your school email address (

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